The Stand Up Comedy Club

Von Roburts

Von Roburts is a  funny, cool, and smart stand-up comedian with a commanding delivery and honest demeanor. You can’t help but listen to him, respect his perspective, and laugh at the comedy that comes with that truth. His carefree, casual style is very insightful. Von performs stand-up all over the United States impressing audiences everywhere.

Von has worked with everybody from Bone Thugs n'  Harmony to Funny Or Die writers. Von is inspired by a handful of comedians, but there six he looks to most are: Jerry Seinfeld, Patrice O’Neal, Rick Shapiro, Dave Chappelle, Dave Attell, and Bobbie Oliver. Expect great things from the bright young comic.

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Jul 18 - Show: 8:00 PM Doors: 6:30pm
21 and up