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Stevona Delgado

Stevona Delgado is a talented standup comedian hailing from La Puente, CA. Stevona has been honing her comedic craft for an impressive four years, delivering her unique style of dark humor that captivates audiences.

With an affinity for exploring the edgier side of comedy, Stevona's performances are a breath of fresh air for those seeking a different comedic experience. Influenced by the comedic genius of Tony Hinchcliffe, she brings her own flair and perspective to the stage, leaving audiences both entertained and intrigued.

Stay tuned for more from this rising star as she continues to make her mark in the comedy scene, fearlessly pushing boundaries and offering a refreshing take on humor. Stevona Delgado is a name you'll want to remember as she continues to shine a light on the darker side of comedy with undeniable talent and comedic finesse.

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