The Stand Up Comedy Club

Screw Roy Rice

One of the hottest, most energetic comedians coming out of the Eastside of Compton, California. 

Powered by his hometown of eastside Compton and the inspiration of friends, Screw launched his comedic journey in 1993.

Since he has the natural ability to socialize capturing stories, Screw was often thought as being a comedian. He began performing at the historical Comedy Act Theater (Regency West)in Leimert Park in Los Angles, California. Equipped with uncompromised hard work and dedication to the stage, Screw's signature act is coined with a fearless attitude, extreme high energy and a respected tag of "keeping it real".

Social Links

Jul 19 - Show: 9:00 PM Doors: 7:30pm
21 and up

Aug 24 - Show: 6:00 PM Doors: 4:00pm
18 and up