The Stand Up Comedy Club

Narcizo Gonzalez

Narcizo Gonzalez is a seasoned comedy professional who has performed at many of the legendary comedy houses, such as The World Famous IceHouse, Laugh Factory's and The Improv's to name a few. He's graced some of the same stages  such as Richard Pryor, Eddie Muphy, George Lopez who he considers comedy gods. Narcizo Gonzalez was born and raised in Burbank Ca, "The Valley" where he knew all along the stage was his calling. His direct approach about social behaviors, being Gay and Mexican "special" as his Dad has called him; shows that he is sharp, quick witted and shares his in your face raw material that makes you fall in love this guy. Trendy and current this comedian always delivers his point of views that make fans fall i love with his comedy style and is followed at national level. Sit back and enjoy being "Gay=Happy" with him.

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