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Lin Sun

Lin Sun is the first Cambodian Comedian to have a one-hour comedy special on a major streaming platform. She is currently the first Cambodian Comedian to have a 30-minute special on Peacock, with Comedy InvAsian. 

She is a rising star stand-up comic, a single mother, an actor, and a writer. Lin's mom passed away in 2011. Her last promise to her mom was to live her dreams for both of them and leave a legacy for their family name, "Sun."​

In a short time, Lin has uplifted the Asian community, Moms, Comics, and anyone looking for a spark of happiness. She is a powerhouse. Her focus and drive are unmatched. She knocks down barriers with levity and humor while remaining vulnerable & authentic. Audiences love her. You will too. 

Lin's comedy is like watching the friendly devil-may-care chick outside of the speakeasy, waving you in to break the law. She is irreverently lovable with a dash of dark humor. In her special, Cambodian Renegade, Lin will be sharing topics about her immigrant family, how she became a badass single mom, her past life as an erotic massage girl which landed her some jail time.... and the cherry on top is her raw emotions about relationships. 

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