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Julian Gonzalez

El Gordo Mamon (Julian Gonzalez) is a Mexican American full-time stand-up comedian and content creator whose relatable and original digital skits -- in English and Spanish -- have earned hundreds of thousands of views online. 

Born in San Jose and raised in a small farm town of Salinas, California, Gordo grew up surrounded by gangs and violence. But by the time he'd earned the title of "class clown" in high school, he knew that his innate gift of comedic timing and delivery would take him into a different, more positive territory. 

Gordo joined the military after high school, where he used his powerful arsenal of jokes and skits to ignite laughter in times of fear. The US Army Veteran, whose missions took him overseas to Iraq, continued to study the art of comedy like he studied the art of war. In Mamon's three years of service, performing for his fellow soldiers, he realized his humor also had the power to heal.

Years later, Gordo finally brought his talents online, creating, writing, and editing one-of-a-kind, hilarious videos that have been a hit on social media. As his social media following and influence grew, so did the demand for Gordo to do live stand-up. His first show was a success, and he went on to co-write and produce "Sports Comedy Night at the Sports Tavern.” 

Gordo is currently finishing a bachelor's degree in Entertainment Business Marketing from LA Film School.

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