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Jesus Sepulveda

One of comedy's fastest-rising stars recently had his special on HBO Max. Touring the country with Los Toxicos and hitting every possible comedy venue. A must-see! 

Born in Los Angeles and later a resident of Tucson, Arizona, he was the oldest of the boys and the tension breaker, the wild child. Always known as the funny kid, even at a young age, he performed in grammar school to express his passion for making people laugh. Stand-up came into play at the tender age of 15 at a local comedy club. A few years later, Jesus decided to move back to LA in November of 2009 and has been in the comedy scene ever since.

In June 2017, he was featured in Chingo Bling’s “They Cant Deport Us All” Special on Netflix. He will also be seen in October 2017 on the HBO Latino show “Entre Nos,” where he performs a 25 min on his family standup material.

In early 2015, Jesus received a big break by becoming a top finalist on the NBC Diversity Showcase, where they selected eight standup comedians out of a thousand country-wide. Jesus showed off his storytelling, likeability, and energy through his performance on stage.

Jesus Sepulveda is the youngest up-and-rising Latino comedian in the Los Angeles comedy scene. His material gives us his perspective on Latino culture and where it stands. He also speaks about his upbringing in his childhood stories, where his characters and energy paint a perfect picture of his past. Not only does he paint a better picture, but he has gained a following who can relate to him and walk away from his show feeling like they gained a friend.

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