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Geoff Brown

Comedian Geoff Brown When the Marines said they were looking for a few good men, comedian Geoff Brown answered the call. They meant good at sleeping on the ground and eating dirt. Comedian Geoff Brown was good at cracking everybody up and sleeping late. After four years of his expertise, his superiors felt we would all be better off if Comedian Geoff Brown could tell jokes without being allowed access to machine guns. They were right. Comedian Geoff Brown went on to become one of the funniest standups in the country, destroying club and television audiences with his likeable, offbeat style. Since winning the Bay Area Black Comedy Competition, and being named the 1994 Star Search Comedy Champion, comedian Geoff Browns career has flourished non-stop. His numerous television appearances include NBCs Spy TV, UPNs Girlfriends, Lifetimes Strong Medicine, Galavisions Que Loco, his own B.E.T. Half Hour Grandstand, and comedian Geoff Brown was most recently seen as one of the stars of NBCs Last Comic Standing. Comedian Geoff Brown is also making his mark in radio, as a favorite on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Morning show, and as a writer for the Steve Harvey Morning Show on L.A.s 100.3 The Beat. Comedian Geoff Brown has traveled the world as a U.S.O. comedy tour favorite performing for troops on over 20 different countries abroad. Comedian Geoff Brown is a favorite among fans and Comedy Club owners alike for his amazingly quick improvisation skills, and constantly keeps his act fresh and his audiences guessing where the next joke will come from. Comedian Geoff Brown can take anything- from the key ring of an audience member to the sound of a ceiling fan in the room, mix it with his left handed point of view and turn the room into a nonstop wave of laughter. His is a show not to be missed.

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