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Fernando Panda Chacon

Fernando Panda Chacón, was born and raised in Southern California and right after high school his family moved to Dallas, Texas. A son of two El Salvador immigrants. His father was doing crowd work before he knew what that meant. Papa Chacon made sure, no one left the house without a laugh, a plate of food and a nickname. His mother a roast master, was roasting Panda before he could super size his kids meal. Mama Chacon, always made sure he behaved and kept panda humble. Big little brother Tito is the one-line roast king. They both go back and forth like good weather and bad traffic. Panda has worked comedy clubs all over the nation in both English and Spanish. Faith, love and family with hard work is the way of life, for panda. A UNT Creative writing graduate.

Panda keeps his audience on the edge of their seat with crowd work-riffing skills, story letting, his battle with Weight loss and always makes sure to remind all, that they’re loved. Without an audience we can’t have a show! His way of life is, You can’t teach hunger. Also is an on air personality on 95.7FM JALAPEÑO PARTY RADIO from 8–10pm. Streaming worldwide on 

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