The Stand Up Comedy Club

Christian Zaragoza

Christian Zaragoza, a talented Mexican American stand-up comedian hailing from Southern California, has taken the comedy scene by storm with his razor-sharp wit and self-deprecating humor. Known for his hilarious takes on the transition into family life, Christian has rapidly earned coveted spots at some of the most prominent comedy clubs in Los Angeles.

Beyond his captivating stage presence, Christian is an integral member of the Hilarious American Wannabes podcast, where he shares his unique comedic perspective alongside fellow talented comedians. Additionally, he showcases his hosting skills on his own podcast titled "Cooler Than I Look," offering listeners a glimpse into his world through engaging and entertaining conversations.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Christian is currently embarking on a captivating tour along the captivating West Coast. With his infectious energy and relatable humor, he is leaving audiences in stitches wherever he goes. From Los Angeles to various cities up and down the coast, Christian is bringing laughter to fans far and wide.

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Dec 15 - Show: 8:00 PM Doors: 6:30pm
21 and up

Dec 15 - Show: 10:30 PM Doors: 10:00pm
21 and up

Dec 16 - Show: 7:00 PM Doors: 5:30pm
21 and up

Dec 16 - Show: 10:30 PM Doors: 10:00pm
21 and up